At bitsixteen, we have a wealth of voiceovers (VOs) on our books.  All our VO demos are categorised by region and gender.  To listen to a selection of samples from your chosen region, please click on a flag below. Each VO is designated a code which is easy to understand. The first letter of the code denotes the gender (M or F) and the rest of the code is the VO’s initials. So please reference these codes in any correspondence regarding voiceover artists. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, please email us at and we will help you find the perfect voice talent for your project.

U.S.  United-States  United-States
 British  Britain  Britain
English non-native speakers English non-native English non-native
 Irish  Ireland  Ireland
Irish language (Gaeilge) Ireland Ireland
 Northern Irish  Northern Ireland  Northern Ireland
 Australian  Australia Australia
 Canadian  Canada
Brazilian Portuguese Brazil Brazil
Chinese China China
Croatian Croatia
Czech Czech-Republic Czech-Republic
Dutch Netherlands Netherlands
Finnish Finland Finland
 French  France  France
French-Canadian French-Canada French-Canada
 German Germany  Germany
Greek Greece Greece
Indian India India
Italian Italy Italy
Japanese Japan Japan
Korean Korea Korea
Latin American Spanish LAS LAS
Norwegian Norway Norway
Polish Poland Poland
Portuguese Portugal Portugal
Russian Russia Russia
 Spanish  Spain  Spain
 Swedish  Sweden  Sweden
Swiss Switzerland
Turkish Turkey Turkey
Vietnamese Vietnam Vietnam