In the second of my bitcasts, I speak to US actor and voiceover, Susan Slott, about her journey from Beverley Hills, California to Ireland, and about the different acting and VO work she’s done here. You can listen to my interview with Susan here:

Today I launched a new series of exclusive bitsixteen interviews, or ‘bitcasts’, with the many voiceovers and actors who work here at the studio in Dublin. The first one up is Texan, Mark Tankersley. Listen to our bitcast right here:

The Voice Over Herald have just posted my latest blog on the subject of plosives in the studio. Please check it out here.

Part two of my blog post on the subject of recording voiceover for eLearning is now up on The Voice Over Herald’s website and you can find it here.

I have just written my second blog post for The Voice Over Herald in New York. This time, it’s part one of a series covering voice over for eLearning and you can read it here.

After the production of my first audio book, Samsun Lobe’s ‘RUIN: Birth of a Legend’, voiced by Lesa Thurman, I wrote a blog about the experience (see below). On the back of that blog, Voices.com have asked me to record a podcast for their Voice Over Experts series, which you can now listen to here.

After the production of my first audio book, Samsun Lobe’s ‘RUIN: Birth of a Legend’, voiced by Lesa Thurman, I wrote a blog about the experience for The Voice Over Herald in New York. You can read it here.

Clients, directors, language monitors — and anyone else who wishes to — can now listen in on, and contribute to, a bitsixteen recording session from the comfort of their own office or home. To do this, all you need is the free Internet voice-call application, Skype. Once you’re set-up, add the Skype name ‘bitsixteen’ as a contact. We will then receive and accept your add-request. Note: if your Skype name is different from your own name, please add a note to explain who you are. This is an exciting addition to bitsixteen’s audio services and will ensure that clients and end-users get exactly what they need from their recording sessions.

Once again, it gives me great pleasure to announce that bitsixteen has officially added yet another client to its list: Channel Content. See the Clients page to read their review.

We are proud to say that after several months providing audio services for Intuition, bitsixteen is now an approved vendor. This is a huge milestone for us and we look forward to working on many more Intuition projects into the future. See the Clients page to read what they had to say about us.

bitsixteen is proud to announce that the awareness video for Irish Premature Babies is now complete. This video aims to raise funds to buy life-saving equipment for hospitals all over Ireland. Please support Irish Premature Babies by visiting their website.

bitsixteen has been commissioned to produce an awareness video for Irish Premature Babies, a support website for the parents of babies born before 37 weeks of gestation. We are honoured to be involved in this project, which hopes to raise money for life-saving equipment in hospital neonatal intensive care units. We will post regular updates as work on the video progresses. In the meantime, if you wish to find out more about Irish Premature Babies, please visit their website.

bitsixteen recently recorded and produced two hour-long CDs for Dublin-based yoga intructor, Helen Sherlock. Helen put a huge amount of effort into writing a script that would reflect the yoga classes she gives in person. We spent several recording and post-production sessions re-taking lines, adjusting timings, and arranging music until Helen felt that the recordings were just right. The result is a set of CDs that anyone wishing to begin practising yoga can play in their own home, or take with them on their travels. Helen’s years of experience ensure an excellent yoga workout. You can listen to some samples below, or if you want more information, check out Helen’s website.

Note: to play these samples, right-click each one and choose ‘Save Link As’ (or the equivalent option in your browser).
Sample from ‘Lazy Days’
Sample from ‘Vinyasa Flow’

bitsixteen has just completed a new video (below) for Scottish singer/songwriter, James Grant. The track is taken from his 2002 album, I Shot the Albatross, which hosts some of the best 20th century poetry, cradled in some of the most sympathetic and moving music.  Song is a poem by William Soutar (1848 – 1943) and here, James is arguably at his most sensitive, recreating the style and quality of an old ballad on a scratchy gramophone record.  Bitsixteen trawled through hundreds of photographs on Flickr’s Commons archive in order to identify a small selection that would do justice to both Soutar’s and James Grant’s work.